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Local film “Justice is Mind” to screen on August 18

Pizza Post owner Bob Leveillee plays Mr. Oxford

STURBRIDGE/OXFORD – Locally-produced movie “Justice is Mind” returns to the area to celebrate its second anniversary with a special event screening at the Cinemagic theatre in Sturbridge on Tuesday, August 18 at 7:00 p.m.

The movie’s writer/director Mark Lund and several of the actors and crew will attend the event, among them the leading actors Vernon Aldershoff, Robin Ann Rapoport, Paul Lussier, and Kim Gordon.

“Justice is Mind” is a critically acclaimed psychological thriller set in the near future when advanced MRI technology can read your memory.  Businessman and restaurant owner Henri Miller has been afflicted with unexplained headaches since childhood. When he has the new FVMRI procedure and it reveals that he has allegedly shot and killed two people, the trial of the century begins.

Lund, a Worcester native, was inspired to write the story after seeing a 60-Minutes segment on thought identification in 2009. The movie was filmed in Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Oxford in 2012 and had its initial screening in August of 2013. It was the 8th highest-rated independent feature film released in 2013 on IMDB, the online movie database, and has been screening in theatres, universities and science fiction conventions throughout North America. It is also available on video on demand. 

Ticket holders to the August 18th screening will earn a dollar-for-dollar credit at Pizza Post in Oxford. Pizza Post served as one of the filming locations for “Justice is Mind,” and owner Bob Leveillee plays the character of Mr. Oxford.

Lund said, “I knew we were going to film a good part of the movie in Oxford and I was looking around the town for a pizza restaurant as a possible location. Honestly, Pizza Post had a great website and even more importantly, great landscaping. How many pizza restaurants have such great landscaping?”

This was Bob Leveillee’s first role in a movie. He plays the character of Mr. Oxford, who owns a pizza restaurant in the same town as Henri Miller and they are good friends. Mr. Oxford actually employs Mr. Miller’s on-screen son Gary to work at his restaurant.

“It’s a supporting, but very important character, as it links several elements of the story,” said Lund of Leveillee’s role.

Mark Lund is now working on a movie sequel titled “In Mind We Trust.” He said: “I think what has made the film resonate with audiences is how the fringe, yet near real-world, science of mind reading presents issues around privacy and the unknowns of past life experiences. In the sequel, these areas are amplified and intersect with certain intelligence agencies and the military.”

Tickets for the Cinemagic screening are $10 and can be purchased online prior to the event. The Pizza Post special promotion expires on December 1, 2015. Patrons should take their tickets to Pizza Post for redemption; 273 Main Street, Oxford; phone 508-987-7172.

                                                                                                                   ----Barbara Van Reed