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McIntyre Materials moves to Uxbridge

By Barbara Van Reed

McIntyre Loam’s 60 acres of land at West Hartford Avenue in Uxbridge has been a visible gravel and loam processing operation for two decades. Across the street, McIntyre’s “Walnut Grove gravel pit” saw trucks moving material out for more than a dozen years before it was closed and completed as a housing subdivision about ten years ago.

On West Hartford Avenue, though, the gravel site is as active as ever, having recently become the new location for another McIntyre business, McIntyre Materials, Inc., which had been operating in Wrentham for the last 13 years. McIntyre Loam’s main facility is in Hopkinton.

John Palmer, general manager for both companies, explains the move from Wrentham. “There were a number of reasons, not one in particular, but they added up.” For starters, the lease was up, and “in Douglas we own the land.” (John refers to the property as being in Douglas – the address is in Uxbridge, but 40 of the 60 acres are in Douglas.)

Another was location. Wrentham was out of the way, he said. logistically difficult to integrate into the daily operations. “We’ve been in Douglas for years, and now we’ll be able to serve the area much better. It’s much more convenient for us.”

Considerable competition in the Wrentham/Franklin area was a consideration as well, he said.  

Not a deciding factor, but a contributing one, was Stephen Nedoroscik’s commute. A native and resident of Douglas, and 20-year McIntyre employee, Steve commuted to the Wrentham location as the site manager for all those 13 years.

“I used to leave at six in the morning and come home at six at night. Now it’s just a six-minute ride to work,” he said. “It’s nice to reconnect with people in the area.” Some Douglas residents may also remember Steve from the long-closed hardware store on Manchaug Road in Douglas.     

John Palmer noted that Steve “made some great relationships in Wrentham, that were hard to walk away from. But, so far, so good.”

The Uxbridge entrance was cleared and widened to make room for the additional traffic coming to the site. Dozens of massive bins brought in from Wrentham hold all manner of landscape materials: stones of all colors and sizes, bark mulch, wood chips, all grades of sand, screened loam, loam compost.  

The business is geared to both retail residential and commercial customers. The delivery service area comprises dozens of southern Worcester County towns. Steve says that they also wholesale to area nurseries.


“We try to give prompt, friendly, consistent service,” he said. A visit with Steve proves the point.   


The move to Uxbridge was punctuated by the sudden passing of Thomas McIntyre, owner of McIntyre Loam and majority owner of McIntyre Materials, Inc., on April 22. While he had been battling cancer for some months, he was still coming to work and seemed as energetic as ever, said Steve. His death was a shock to his employees and his many friends and customers. “He was a friend to everyone,” said Steve. “He was so generous -- would never say no when you needed help.” 

John Palmer confirms that the McIntyre companies will continue as they always have. “It will be more difficult than it was, because he’s not around. But we will run it the way he ran it.”

McIntyre Materials is at 795 West Harford Avenue in Uxbridge. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and until noon on Saturday. Closed Sundays. Phone 508-573-0741, email [email protected], visit