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Music Sunday at Unitarian Universalist Society

Sunday, February 9, 2014 - 10:00am

If you plan to visit Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton and Upton once this year, let it be this Sunday, February 9th at 10am. This is promising to be the most exciting UU service of the year: Music Sunday. All the musicians of UU will participate. I am working on a little piano piece for it myself. I hope you can check it out.

Sneak peak into preparations:

Here is an idea of the flow of the service so that you know where you fit. Hopefully, the formatting is not too confusing in your email browser. Don't worry about the links (if they come through that way). I just wasn't sure how to un-hyperlink things when I cut and pasted. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.


I.               Call to Worship

II.             Prelude                - Sonatina in C

III.           Welcome

  IV.           Chalice Lighting (Life is a gift…)

  V.             Opening Hymn: May Your Life Be As a Song (four part round)

  VI.            Music                   Inner Ninja

VII.          Offertory              - Why We Sing                                   

VIII.        Milestones           - Lokah Samasta

  IX.           Meditation

  X.             Music              - When She Loved Me               

                                                - Brahms Lullaby

                                                - Ten Minutes Ago

                                                - Toccata

                                                - The 59th St. Bridge Song

                                                - Winter Song

XI.            Closing Hymn: Come Sing a Song w/ Me

XII.          Benediction     - Dixieland




On Feb 4, 2014, at 12:51 PM, Jessica Curtis wrote:


Hi Everyone,

Patti and I are working on the Order of Service for Music Sunday - this Sunday! Thank you to everyone who sent me their thoughts on music/spirituality for the word cloud. It'll be finalized tomorrow, so if you still want to get me something, send it along. Because of the number of people performing on Sunday, I have put together a sound check schedule (see below). Please plan to arrive at least five minutes before your sound check time slot. It is a five minute slot, so not enough time for rehearsal. We will mostly use this time to set-up equipment, check mics and clarify any special blocking. Other spaces, such as RE classrooms will be available for groups that would like extra rehearsal time between 9 and 10am. Set-up and sound checks will begin a little before 9am. If you feel strongly about rehearsing in the sanctuary beforehand, I can let you into the building earlier; please let me know. I will be emailing out the order of performances in a separate email for you to see. Feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks so much for taking part - I'm looking forward to Sunday!


Sound check slots

8:50-9:00 Set-up of sound equipment

9:00-9:05 Jen Davis Nicoll, Barry and Beth, Bob ***

9:05-9:10 Brass Group (Barry and Avery, Chris Nichols, Brett Niver) ***

9:10-9:15 Russ w/ Bruce

9:15-9:20 Choir

9:20-9:25 Winter Song (Thapas, Nicolls, Eckler/Niver, Judy Gerratt, Caroline)

9:25-9:30 Sadie, Brynna, Isabel

9:30-9:35 Lauren Scott

9:35-9:40 UUth Performance Group

9:40-9:45 Susan West and Caroline Scott ***

9:45-9:50 Anna Howard

9:45-9:50 Dave Coleman and Susan West ***

***please check w/ Jessica on Sunday morning during set-up about special blocking or cues