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Opening day at the Douglas Farmers Market

By Magda Dakin

This year’s entries were creative and spanned all ages of participants. The popular People’s Choice Award winner and the winner of best condiments category was Dorothy with her spicy tangy rhubarb salsa. Winner of the savory category was Julia with her appetizer meatballs. Jillian tied in the sweet category with her Japanese swirl cheesecake, tied with Indy and Mazzy for their chocolate rhubarb mousse. Best in show was won by first-time participant Finch for her rhubarb gummy bears entry.

Another first-time participant was Jackson’s Whole Farm, from Putnam, Conn. Grower Tyler DeJordy of Douglas featured organically grown chicken, eggs, and pig for families interested in having a local source for their organic chicken and pig products. New to the farmers market scene, he welcomes inquiries and input in getting his products to market.

Whether it’s cold or hot, coffee is always good, and Zeppo Young of The Young Mugs Coffee Roasters knows just what his coffee drinkers love. Offering both hot and cold coffee at the Douglas Farmers Market, Zeppo engaged with his customers. “I see my business as a way to do good in the world and donate 75% of all cups of coffees sold today to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.” He has been roasting coffee for five years and has been selling it at farmers markets for the last three years.

“I roast each coffee bean to bring out it’s best potential and have experimented over the last few years to get the best results. My customers keep coming back and supporting my drive to excellence.”

Maria’s Cookie Jar is hard to pass up and always a favorite stop for Douglas market regulars. You have to come early to get your favorite kind or she may run out. Crafty Creations’ owner and crafter Carole Dolan offered last-minute gardeners herb and vegetable plants ready to drop into the garden. She even had pre-planted window boxes for would-be gardeners who have limited space and want some herbs and veggies for the summer. As the summer progresses Carole will be featuring her other crafts and handmade jewelry as well.

Daryl Anne of Yucc’ It Up! Equine Supplements presented her handmade nuggets specifically made for the optimum health of your equine friends. Looking good enough to eat, the nuggets are made with organic superfoods, medicinal spices, wild crafted herbs and high quality essential oils all designed to support whole body function and optimal performance. At the market you could hear her previous customers singing the praises of the nuggets and how much their horses’ health has improved as a result.

Douglas Orchard & Farm had luscious, freshly picked mushrooms available at their stand at the market opening day. “We’ll be bringing in more things as the season gets into full swing. We’re looking forward to the blueberry season coming up real soon. The bushes are full of fruit this year. It’s going to be a great crop,” says Aaron Socrat, manager of the Orchard and Farm.

The Douglas Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday morning at the Jenckes Country Store, downtown Douglas, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Parking along the street and some shaded areas is available in the market area.