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Over The Hedge Landscaping – a business on fire

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

A March (14th) New England snowstorm came with a sinister air of triumph, stomping out hopes that a hurried spring would follow a rained-on winter. Perhaps no one was more disturbed, however, than Tim Henault, co-owner of Over The Hedge Landscaping and a Woonsocket firefighter, whose can’t-sit-still nature has had him itching for outdoor work. Thankfully, he and his newlywed wife, co-owner and master designer Holly, have now put the snowplow to bed and filled the tank of their new Ford F-350 to prepare for spring clean ups.

Recently voted “best customer service” at The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce 2017 Home & Business Expo, the fully insured business team, branded with tattooed wedding bands and a fleet of modern equipment, is prepared to get their hands dirty for another season. April landscaping work includes cleanup, fertilizing, seeding, aerating, de-thatching, lyming and the cutting down of dead perennials to allow for new growth. 

Over The Hedge is a full-service landscaping business, originally seeded by Tim Henault ten years ago in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, following years of volunteer work for the landscaping businesses affiliated with members of the North Smithfield Fire Department, where he previously worked.  “I’ve never worked inside,” Tim, known for fair and friendly business practices, confessed. “I can’t wait to start working for another season. Our yards look great in December and then winter comes and they take a beating from storm damage. It’s kind of like – ‘what the heck happened to my yard?’” 

Over The Hedge (commercial and residential) is fully prepared to take care of your yard and help create a clean, aesthetically pleasing landscape.  They specialize in treatments tailored to the Northeast climate, and adhere to quality, licensed, and professional services. They serve the public—the Blackstone Valley and surrounding towns—all year round with the following seasonal projects:

  • Early spring cleanups
  • Spring maintenance – mulching, mowing, planting, fertilizing and weed control, slice-seeding, aerating and de-thatching, shrubbery trim, re-edging
  • Late spring – shrubbery, planting, mulching and mowing along with the above (depending on the unique characteristics of one’s yard)
  • Summer – continued maintenance, mowing
  • Fall - leaf removal and clean-ups
  • Winter – snow plow service

For homeowners who desire a luxuriant golf course appearance, Over The Hedge also offers “striping,” which involves mowed-down rows of alternating dark and light stripes (created by changing the mower blade direction).  

Tim and Holly offer first time customers a ten percent discount, and - for every customer - free estimates and referral incentives. Despite a business that tends to be “cut-throat” and saturated with competition, Tim and Holly are confident that Over The Hedge has an edge. 

“We offer a personal touch that other landscaping businesses don’t,” said a creative Holly Henault. “We put a lot of pride into every job we do. We look at every yard and think about how we would want it to look if it were our own. We really build relationships with our customers. We put our sweat, blood, tears, and even broken bones into every job,” she added with a chuckle, alluding to Tim’s ‘August of 2016’ broken leg.  “Our year-round customers all received mums last year as a thank-you. We make it a point to talk to everyone and add a personal touch.”

Eager for a repeat of last year’s personal treatment, Anthony and Helen Vernaglia of Uxbridge took advantage of the Henault’s snowplowing services during the recent, unexpected March snowstorm. Last year the Vernaglias gave Tim and Holly homegrown tomatoes in exchange for the fresh eggs produced from the couple’s six chickens.  Such neighborly gestures are a trademark of a business that cares and blends talents. Their own family is no exception.

Tim has a son and daughter from a previous marriage (TJ and Jillian); Holly, widowed three years ago, has three girls of her own (Hailey, Kayla, Madison). Though they’re not the Brady Bunch, the kids seem to get along as though they are.  Jillian and Hailey, typical thirteen-year-old girls, have gelled a fondness for crafts, boys, and fashion; Kayla and TJ, for video games; and Madison, at a precocious seven, is totally into fashion and just “brings coolness to the table.”  TJ is also a decision maker and enjoys helping his dad out with landscaping jobs.

Tim and Holly Henault share a Whitinsville home, five children, six chickens, a new puppy, and a cutting-edge business.

What’s their secret?

According to the rules displayed on the Firefighter Home creed perched in their living room, this blended family strives to do the following:  Love, Honor, and Respect.  Appreciate the Little Things.  Support Each Other.  Pray for a Safe Return Home. Hug Our Firefighter.

“Tim is just a great guy,” said a misty-eyed Holly. “Madison was only four when she lost her father. Tim stepped in and treated each one of my girls as his own.  He attends school field trips, helps them with homework and projects, and drives them to school sports. He recently attended a Me and My Guy Dance. Not every guy would do that.”

Additionally, Tim works two twenty-four hour shifts per week as a firefighter (to then be off for five days), makes time to attend the Northeast Hardscape Show in Providence and takes licensed classes to increase business offerings to include skid stair service, hardscaping, rock walls, and stone projects.  Like his grandfather, a cabinetmaker, and father, a machinist, Tim Henault (who “isn’t going to lie” when he says the Celtic band needled around his ring finger hurt) prefers hands-on work. 

Remarkably - so doesn’t his newlywed wife Holly. Don’t let her Michael Kors bag or Ugg boots fool you. The redheaded Over the Hedge business partner known to bring a feminine touch to each job- also- hauls and spreads mulch like a balding trucker.

Whether their union is a match made in heaven, or in the fertile soil of the earth, one thing’s for certain when it comes to newlyweds Tim and Holly Henault.  Their business, rooted in love, is sure to remain in full bloom, and they most definitely Live Life On Fire.

Call Tim or Holly for a free estimate to get an edge on your lawn: Tim at 401-265-6818, Holly at 508-962-9314.

Write to Amy at [email protected]