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Pete's Picks

The 75th Clark Tournament will begin on Sunday, February 16 this year. The committee has been preparing for this milestone for the past three years and it will be a festive week on the campus of Clark University.Throughout the past 74 years, the local high school teams have been a staple in the tournament. It looks like Bartlett is in again and Shepherd Hill has to win at least 9 games and maybe 10 depending on what the other teams with a similar record are doing.

Here is how the field looks to me on February 1st. The Dual Valley will send three teams to the Clark and they are Sutton, Douglas, and Hopedale. The SWCL teams that are in are Auburn, Northbridge, Bartlett, Quaboag, and David Prouty. That’s eight qualifiers so far and eight more to fill the 16 team field.

Here are nine teams with pretty good records that are looking for an invite to the Clark: Westboro, Groton-Dunstable, Nashoba, Quabbin, Clinton, Oakmont, Maynard, Littleton, and North Brookfield. I am hoping that Oxford and Shepherd Hill can put a run together to put themselves in the Clark Tourney this year. After all, both schools have a Clark tradition year in and year out.

As Trapper  said many years ago:”Go Bronicles” as he referenced the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl when John Elway was the quarterback. The Broncos look pretty good to me this year, but don’t take my word. I never seem to pick the right team, just ask Archie. Anyway, I am not a big fan on how the Seahawks do things.

Here is my theory on the New England Patriots after a hold on and try to keep it close against the Denver Broncos two weeks ago.The Pats lost 26-16, but let’s face it, it wasn’t even close. You see, as long as the Patriots are in the AFC East, they can continue to get to the playoffs every year with average talent. The Dolphins, Jets, and the Bills are all in disarray for the last ten years.

Take a look at the Patriots’ 2014 roster.The colleges these Patriots played for are  four from Rutger’s, two from Kent State, and one from the following: Maine, Brigham Young, Troy, Southeast Missouri State, and Brown University to name a few. I know you can find a diamond in the rough at the above mentioned schools, but really? Does Bellichick really have control of these guys or aren’t these players already programmed as gentlemen because of their roots? Bob Kraft sold his soul for Aaron Hernandez and then tried to trump the Hernandez murders by signing Tim Tebow, who is up for sainthood, for the pre-season only.

The window of opportunity with quarterback Tom Brady, 36 years old, is closing fast due to age and diminishing physical skills. Brady would be the last guy out of the building on a fire drill. Coach Bill Bellichick is an excellent coach and runs the organization in a first class manner. There is an old but true saying, ”foot speed and quickness can’t be taught.” I bet the Patriots are the slowest team in the NFL. Their skilled players, where speed really counts, are non existent. Go ahead, name one speed guy who can make a difference on the Patriots’ roster. Danny Amendola, Austin Collie, and Julian Endelman? There were times those three couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage. This is why Tom Brady took a pay cut, so Kraft could supply his QB with top flite fast receivers. The Gronk is a glass china doll. Sad, but true.

Congrats to Bartlett football running back James Patterson for winning the 60 meter dash at a recent indoor track event at Northbridge High against all the SWCL teams. The kid is working hard in the off season in getting ready for his senior year. Patterson is also on the honor roll.