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Pools & Cues and Spas Too

by Magda Dakin

AUBURN - If pool or pools are in your  present or future, there is only one place you need to go. Whether it’s a refreshingly inviting swimming pool for summer, or a beautiful pool table to while away the winter hours, or a stunning hot tub on the deck outside your bedroom door, or you need a fancy new pool cue for your game, or need pointers on your dart game,  Pools & Cues & Spas, Too will have an answer. They have the staff to advise you, the crews to install your products and the desire to make your every wish come true. 

Conveniently located on Southbridge Street (Rt. 12) in Auburn, one trip to this fully stocked, toy store for adults will convince you you’ve come to the right place.  The customer comes first here whether you just want to have your water tested or need advise on installing a permanent  swimming pool in your back yard.  Owner and long time pool expert  Judy Melanson is proud of her well-trained staff and encourages constant cross training  so most of the staff can answer most of your questions about any of their products, but no worries, there’s a super expert in every department. 

Judy herself opened Pools & Cues in 1993 at a time when there was no place anywhere in Auburn or surrounding towns for home pool owners to get any good help and advise on keeping their pool in tip-top shape.  She notes that they were the first to offer free water testing and have been the forerunners of customer service and maintenance ever since.  “If you have your water tested when you open it, bring it to the proper balance and check it weekly for ph and sanitization you will have a worry-free pool all summer long.”  The entire staff is focused on helping you have a positive pool experience by, “teaching you how to maintain the water economically and  efficiently for balance, comfort, longevity and cleanliness.” Judy adds, “The better you maintain your pool, the longer it will last.” 

Veteran pool expert Chris Metterville heads the pools installation and maintenance division of Pools & Cues, and installs in- the-ground, above-the-ground and the new highly energy efficient Radiant Pools that have 2” of insulation to keep the water warmer and can be installed above, in, or partially in the ground to better fit the terrain in your yard.  As an added bonus there is currently a 4-Day All Inclusive Cancun Vacation promotion with the purchase of a Radiant Pool. Be sure to check the store for more details.

Although Pools & Cues & Spas, Too experts have many ways of lengthening your summer pool season, there comes a time in New England when you just can’t get in the pool anymore.  So, Judy, in her usual forthright way, decided that she wanted to expand her selling season too and branched out into additional forms of fun with pool, balls and spas.  As it happened, Judy’s husband Bryan was a pool and billiards expert, so it seemed like a natural fit to include pool tables and all the accompanying accessories on the showroom floor at Pools & Cues.   “It’s a great way to keep my people busy all year long, I really hate to lose them during the off-season,” says Judy.  Bryan offers a wide range of beautiful pool cues and accessories for both the beginner and the professional players at discounted prices.  Table repair, table surface repair, and cue repair are also included in the services.

Next came the addition of darts and dart boards and dart playing expert Shirley Passarelli. Check it out guys, a girl that can beat you at darts!  There is a wide range of choices and qualities, perfect for all levels of players, even a set of magnetic darts in case your aim needs a little improvement. More than just a dart player, Shirley has become Judy's right hand “woman,” an expert in all departments.   

The most recent addition to the Pool & Cues family are the hot tubs, yeah.  That’s a really great way to extend your love of water sports to all 12 months.  Judy’s nephew Chris is the resident expert on the more than 20 types of hot tubs available.  Check out all the new features of the newer models like the Dimension One Spa, for instance, which is highly energy efficient, using less electricity than a 100 watt bulb and has an adjustable massage level from soft massage to deep tissue, fancy head rests and colorful fountains.   They will service all models, even ones they didn’t sell you. 

Judy is proud of her store and its people. It’s worth the trip from wherever you are and Judy’s message is clear, “Our motto has always been: NEVER sell a customer anything they don’t need.”

760 Southbridge St., Auburn MA, phone 508-832-6566. Summer hours are Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday until 5:00 p.m., and Sunday until 1:00 p.m. Online at