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Rita’s makes plans to close by year-end

By Magda Dakin

Pat Benoit, owner of Rita’s in downtown Uxbridge, says, “You have to change things up now and then just to keep life interesting!” And to prove it she’s decided to give up her highly successful new, used, dollar store and gift shop.

Now into her eight year at Rita’s, Pat has decided she wants to devote more of her time to the other things in life and have some serious “me” time.

“I’ve been blessed,” Pat says. “I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to do.” The shop was named Rita’s in honor of her beloved mother-in-law. “I wanted to create a space to sell new things, valuable used things and unique gifts. It’s like having three stores in one place.

“It may not be obvious when you first walk in the store, but I also sell a lot of gently-used and refurbished furniture and household items. I stage them in the back of the shop and also list them for sale on line at several different sites. It’s been a very successful venture.”

She talks about the impending change: “I’ve quietly been looking for a buyer for the shop since my real desire is to sell it intact to another business person looking for a ready-to-run business. In the meantime, or if that doesn’t work, I’ll be using the rest of the year to sell off my inventory, have some ’wicked awesome’ sales and say goodbye to all of the great people who’ve become my friends and helped make the store so successful.”

Carved animals at Rita's

“The people of Uxbridge have been very supportive over the years and the other downtown store owners as well. It’s like a family.” The downtown area has seen some positive changes in the last several years, and Pat hopes the new owners will be just as successful as she has been.

Rita’s is a great place to shop for almost any occasion. Need a unique gift, come check it out, have a sports fan in your family, browse the sports team section, need a tool like Dad used to have - there’s a whole tool room designed to delight most tool lovers. Are you into collectibles? Several shelving units are devoted to silver items and other unique collectables. 

“I’d like to be finished by the end of the year and hope lots of people will come to say goodbye and wish me well as we transition into the next part of our life,” said Pat.

And the future? Pat has plans to do more charity work, spend time with elders, get healthier and walk more. “Maybe next year when Mendon has its Annual Mendon Yard Sale I’ll be able to be a part of that.”

Rita’s is open Wednesday through Saturday. 6 Main St., Uxbridge. Phone 508 278-0800.