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Run (run!), Rudolph—to Rust to Ruffles

By Rod Lee

Take space previously occupied by a day-care center and before by that the Knights of Columbus, add a plethora of antiques, vintage and collectibles and the result is Rust to Ruffles.

If the catchy name isn’t enough to lure customers, the array of merchandise presented by Owner Lisa Caccialino and the approximately twenty dealers who occupy the premises will undoubtedly do the trick. Indeed it already is. Rust to Ruffles fared nicely as the first stop on Oxford merchants’ Shop Small event the Saturday after Thanksgiving and is riding that momentum through the Christmas season—Ms. Caccialino’s first at 710 Main St. (Rust to Ruffles opened May 1st).

“They started here and we were bombarded,” Kathleen Bishop, an associate of Ms. Caccialino’s, said of the 01540 promotion while working the sales counter the afternoon of December 7th. Alluding to a mason jar that had been painted white and repurposed to hold kitchen utensils, making for a crafty purchase (literally), Ms. Bishop said “we’re rescuers. Instead of throwing it away we save it. And our prices are moderate. We pay close attention to what items are bringing elsewhere including online.”

Ms. Bishop and her husband Michael are integral to the store’s operation with one room-plus of their own product on display, much of it holiday-themed.

“We have quite a bit of Christmas décor, handmade vintage items, refinished furniture and of course gift certificates,” Ms. Caccialino said.

Utilizing word of mouth and social media to full advantage, along with “outside vendor yard sales” as Ms. Bishop put it, Ms. Caccialino is quickly building a following. An ambitious, yet-to-be-announced expansion of the original concept for the store will come soon after January 1st, she said. Her fiancé and his brother own the building.

Ms. Caccialino and Ms. Bishop formerly ran businesses near each other on Worcester Road in Grafton, Ms. Caccialino a consignment shop and Ms. Bishop a bakery.

While it is too soon to tell “what January and February will bring,” Rust to Ruffles—featuring “Magick Garden Designs,” farmhouse, colonial, art deco, jewelry, vintage clothing, knickknacks, baby quilts, side tables and much more—is rocking so far.


Booklovers’ Gourmet to host artist, paintings

Paintings by Cheryl Economous will be on display and for sale at Booklovers’ Gourmet, 55 E. Main St. in Webster, throughout the month. A meet-the-artist reception will be held on Saturday, December 17th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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