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Scrap It receives warm welcome in Worcester

by Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Scrap It, Inc. (Minichiello Bros. Inc) of 100 Fremont Street, Worcester, opened its doors to the public eight months ago with a mission—to help customers “turn their metal into money.”

Since then, according to General Manager Tracy McAvoy, “Everyone has taken a shine to the place.” Scrap It comprises two scrap yards, a ferrous (metal) and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) area, and operates on a simple concept. Customers bring metal (copper, aluminum, steel, brass, wire, etc.) into the facility, have it weighed, and - rather satisfyingly - cash out on the market value of the metal pile.

Despite its simple aim, preparing the grounds for a business owned by Tonya and Frank Minichiello was no easy feat, according to McAvoy. “I am so proud of what my team did. This building was stagnant before we took charge. We couldn’t wait to open up, but everything had to be perfect—from my office windows to where the scales are. We created this. I talk about this scrap yard all the time. It’s important to me.”

McAvoy, an experienced manager and former employee of William Reisner Corporation in Clinton, along with her team of eight, has already received rave reviews on their energetic presence. “The (verbal) feedback we’ve received from customers has been amazing,” she reported.  “I’ve received feedback that it’s a very clean facility. We have brand new equipment. My guys are friendly – always helpful and very personable. We really pride ourselves on customer service and cleanliness. I’m also very competitive with the local market. Our pricing is very strong. I have averaged six new customers per day, which is a very positive sign, and haven’t received a single complaint yet.”

In addition to the above qualities, McAvoy attributes the immediate success of the two scrap yards, situated diagonally from each other at 100 and 103 Fremont Street, to her caring employers. “The Minichiellos have such a great business and they are the nicest people to work for. They are genuine - hands down, the best company I’ve worked for.”

McAvoy encourages the public to come by and survey the quality of equipment used, along with the impeccable organization of a building “that had potential” and has reportedly increased traffic and helped to improve the neighborhood. “I don’t expect everyone to come bring me metal,” she joked. “They can just come in and take a look and see what we’ve done. People in the neighborhood are astounded. I’m very proud of my guys for creating a beautiful facility in nine months. We took a long time trying to decide on everything from where our scales would be, to how customers would drive in, and be served. It wasn’t a quick decision.”

Scrap It offers a weigh and pay program for commercial accounts, allowing small shops the opportunity to trade in material directly from their location (Scrap It will drive to them with a scale and pay on the spot). Call Commercial Buyers Fred Rogers (617) 595-5505 or Johnny D. (774) 200-8412 for details on this. You may also speak with Tracy McAvoy at 617-389-7213. Inquire about her new customer rewards program.

In addition to the two revitalized Worcester properties, which (together) comprise over two acres, the Minichiello couple owns scrap metal recycling operations in Everett and in Keene, New Hampshire. They originally purchased the business from Leo Balcewicz Enterprises in December.  

Scrap It Inc. has been in business since 1957 and looks forward to serving you the opportunity to “turn your metal into money.”