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She lost it

By Janet Stoica

Webster – While taking a shower two years ago, Charlene Allain fell.  She hurt herself badly. Her blood pressure had dropped precariously low; she was overweight, and diabetic. Her medical condition at that point was not good. Her A1C tests were more than double what they should have been and topped out at 12.2 percent.

An A1C test is a three-month measurement of the amount of sugar attached to the hemoglobin protein inside our red blood cells that carry oxygen to our body parts.  An average reading should be no more than 5.7 percent. The reason the test is so effective is that your hemoglobin cells live approximately three months and the sugar attached to them will still be recorded by the test.

Because of Charlene’s condition, she was maxed out on insulin dependency to control her diabetes and she knew she was in a bad place.  Some friends were enrolled in a weight-loss program and she decided to join them.  “I knew I had to do something positive for myself,” said Charlene. “I joined the Weight Loss Clinic in May 2014 and about one year later I had lost 70 lbs., my diabetes was under control, my diabetes doctor had released me from his care, and my A1C rating was 5.1.  The program was tailored for me and I felt it was one of the best life events that had happened to me.” 

Charlene says that she believed in the program so completely that she became a local clinic owner.  The Webster Weight Loss Clinic is located behind Commerce/Mapfre Insurance’s Main Street, Webster, location at 2 Tracy Court, next to Webster Weights & Fitness.  The concept is making an impact for those who want a different type of weight loss program.  The program consists of weight stabilization, maintenance, coaching, and lifestyle guidance.

“Each individual has their own comfort level,” says Charlene. “Your first focus is to lose weight while helping you feel good about yourself.  There is a saying ‘Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels’ and that’s a great goal to have.  We have a registered nurse on our staff who will review our client’s health profiles and as weight-loss progress is made, she will suggest a visit to your physician for medication adjustments.”

One-on-one counseling is also a part of the program with no additional costs incurred for this service. Additionally, there are body-composition scales that will not only measure body mass but also muscle viability, and body water content.

“I was very much a skeptic initially,” said Charlene, “I needed to believe in my product and this is my strength. I want to assist others in reaching their goals.” Education forms the basis of the four-phase program: weight loss, protein emphasis and carbohydrate decrease, re-introduction of carbohydrates, and daily food regimen instruction.

“Every diet works,” stated Charlene, “this program, however, teaches you how to maintain yourself and have accountability for your behaviors.”

Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., in her 2 Tracy Court location, Charlene has an introductory class about the program.  Seating is limited and reservations are necessary by phoning (508) 461-5333.  Call for additional information. Webster Weight Loss, Inc., 2 Tracy Court, Webster MA 01570;