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So You Bought A Haunted House, Part 2

By Thomas D’Agostino

Part 2 of this segment is dedicated to someone who purchased a really, really haunted house. As everyone who knows us can attest, Arlene and I ended up with a home that has several ghosts and haunts. Let’s start at the beginning. You can read Part I here:

When we decided to buy a home in Connecticut, we began looking for property to build a log cabin. We had the plans, potential contractors and everything in place for when we found that magical parcel of property. We then contacted a real estate agent. Our first few showings were definitely not to our liking. Arlene and I had her daughter Mandy with us for the adventure. Lisa, the agent then asked if we would like to see a home her step-dad was selling. It was not a log cabin but a second empire Victorian. We agreed and followed her to Chapman Street in Putnam, where we found ourselves looking up at this great behemoth of a home.

We entered and the first thing I said was, “Whoa, baby, I’m home.” It was like nothing we ever imagined. We wanted it. Now came the legal work. In time, the paperwork was almost finished and we were granted permission to visit the home. After several visits, the neighbors, who realized we would be the next occupants asked, “Have you seen anything yet?”

At first I thought they meant that it was a rough area and wondered if we were subject to any crimes but I would be way off the mark. Some of them began to tell us of the home being bought and refurbished but there was something that made some of the workers walk off the job. Strange things like hearing footsteps on the staircase while they could see no one on them. Voices of children coming from the upstairs rooms became very unsettling to those who stayed on to brave the ghostly phenomena. Tools placed in plain view vanished from sight only to be found in other areas of the home. Then there were the apparitions. People saw figures moving by the six-foot windows even though the home had been unoccupied for some time. This is just a sample of what they really meant by that five-word question.

Then came that moment, the call for the closing. There we all sat at the attorney’s office, Arlene, me, our attorney, the real estate agent, the owner, his attorney, a stenographer and a few other people that were there for who knows what. At one point someone asked, “Do you have any questions?” Arlene interjected, “Is the house haunted?”

The owner dropped his head into his arms on the table for he knew that although he was not legally bound to come forth with such a fact, when asked he was obligated to tell the truth on the matter. “There are stories and rumors that it is,” he replied.

Arlene and I looked at each other wide eyed and the rest of the parties involved were ready to call it a day when we both simultaneously gave the pumping arm gesture and let out a whooping, “YES!!!”

The ten-second silence in the room after that was almost deafening as everyone just sat there and stared at us in disbelief. We quickly gained our composure and Arlene just looked at everyone and said, “What?”

After that no one was afraid to admit a few other things they had heard about the ghosts of the house and we were now ready to move into a home that was occupied by several former inhabitants from long ago.

From the day we began to move in to the present, we have had constant experiences with those who still remain. From intelligent haunts to residual, the ghosts of the home constantly let everyone who visits know they are always around.

Stay tuned for part 3.