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Spirit Meets Science

By Thomas D’Agostino

The first Spiritualist movement in the 19th century opened many pathways for communication with the dead. The idea was not new, but with the advent of the movement, many new ideas and ways to speak to the other side were born. Inventors such as Thomas Edison and John Hays Hammond tried to create machines where we could better communicate with the spirits in real time as they spoke. By the middle of the 20th century the movement had slowed, but never quite vanished.

As we moved into the 21st century a resurgence took place, and once again, inventors took their shot at creating machines that would effectively communicate with those on the other side of the veil. The difference between then and now is technology. Our advanced technological discoveries have allowed us to move forward in communicating with spirits like never before. But there is still the human side that has never changed, the true Psychic Medium.

Spirit Meets Science, a new concept was born out of the possibility of not only recording mediumship sessions but validating them with real time spirit voices being recorded when they speak. Thanks to medium Gary Mckinstry, his wife Virginia, myself, and my wife, Arlene Nicholson, the concept of merging the two together has become an amazing reality. The merge came about with a simple question and then experimented on with great success.

Gary is a gifted medium and has helped countless people as well as law enforcement agencies. Arlene and I are seasoned researchers and investigators. Two shows were conducted with guests to try out the concept. Gary drew on the memories of the deceased, relating things only they would know, to his subjects. Several times during the event, the spirit portal and ghost box, a machine that captures spirit voices in an enclosed area and relays them to us so we can hear them in real time, spoke out.

One woman was unsure of her deceased father’s love for her. Gary simply stated, “He loved you. Don’t ever think otherwise; he did love you very much.” The box then spoke out for all to hear, “I did!”

Another guest was stunned when Gary said her father had a great sense of humor, always playing jokes. He then stated he was getting “two Bobs” and told the joke he heard. The joke was one of her father’s favorites. As he and the guests laughed, a laugh came through the portal. It was the father laughing along!

There was another instance where Gary saw a woman in a room entertaining a friend and a man who didn’t want to socialize in another room. When he said, “Maybe it’s mom, dad’s in the other room,” a voice shouted out from the portal, “I am!”

Spirit Meets Science will be hosting events at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem (March 14), The Publick House in Sturbridge (April 28), and Chez Josef in Springfield (TBD).  To learn more about Spirit Meets Science, and upcoming events, email [email protected] or on Facebook.

This is the only event where you can experience authenticated mediumship at its best.

Tom D'Agostino may be reached at