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Sue VanderZicht marks 25 years as a realtor with a new address

By Rod Lee

One thing Realtor/Broker/Owner Susan VanderZicht likes better than looking back on the twenty-five years of VanderZicht Real Estate is looking ahead to what the future holds in store.

Recently, that next horizon began to come more clearly into focus with a move from the firm’s previous home in Whitinsville to 119 N. Main St. in Uxbridge. VanderZicht’s new residence just north of the center of town is owned by Jane Mitchell, “a friend since grade school” and a now-retired financial advisor.

Her journey in real estate has been a long and rewarding one, Ms. VanderZicht says.

She began her career more than thirty years ago at Realty World in Sutton with George Lamothe and Denise Osterman. At the time she was interested in aerobics, triathlons and possibly pursuing a path as a sports trainer. Deciding that “the two of us”—herself and son Keith—“couldn’t go to college at the same time,” she opted instead to “open my own office, so I could control the money I make.”

George Lamothe and Denise Osterman “were so kind to me,” she said last week. “We remained friends.”

N. Main St. in Uxbridge is Ms. VanderZicht’s fourth location for her business, after 100, 781 and 1110 Main St. in Whitinsville. “When I started out, [Attorney] Henry Lane let me have the back part of his office,” she said. “We started with nothing.”

The move to 119 N. Main St., which occurred at the end of February, “took a little more time than anticipated.” Her previous office in Whitinsville was sold recently. Some folks thought VanderZicht Real Estate might have closed. “Couldn’t be further from the truth,” she says. When “retirement” is mentioned, she says “what would I do?” and notes that “realtor” is a profession that can last a lifetime.

She is particularly proud that her office has been “a starting point for many realtors.” Ms. VanderZicht’s daughter-in-law Renee VanderZicht, for instance, “came to me in high school as a secretary. I asked her ʽdo you read minds’ and she said yes and I said ʽgood, because I need someone to read mine!’ She got to be more than a secretary.” Renee VanderZicht is now a broker associate with VanderZicht.

Son Kevin, a realtor with the company, “is very serious, not like me at all which is good in that he’s different.”

Realtor Priscilla Romasco Kryger is “my most productive and loyal friend, for twenty years,” Ms. VanderZicht said.

Realtor Danielle Stolle (Renee VanderZicht’s sister) came aboard in June.

Realtor Karen Pockey is the other member of the team.

The hardest part of the move, Ms. VanderZicht said, was carting boxes to the new address, which left her asking herself “1993 to 2019…what!?”

The up side is that the real estate market is “very good right now, brisk and definitely a seller’s market. We had a fabulous summer and sold several properties in September.” Her company’s market area covers all of the Blackstone Valley.

She has expanded her educational credits and professional designations and held a number of key leadership positions in the industry. She is also active in the community, drawing on the model set by her parents who were involved with the Quaker Meeting House Association—as she has been. She was a sponsor for the first time this year of the town of Uxbridge’s Fourth of July celebration.

VanderZicht Real Estate is not only celebrating a 25th anniversary, it is hiring. “I’m looking for a few good men!” Ms. VanderZicht said, laughing. Actually, anyone who has ever considered real estate as a profession is welcome to contact her at [email protected] for a confidential interview.

Her relationship with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, the Whitin Community Center, UniBank and the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce along with the friendships she has forged and the support she has received and given in return are the best part of the job.

“Even if you don’t sell four hundred houses a year, that doesn’t mean you are not a good realtor,” she said. “It’s like nursing.” It’s an opportunity to help people.

She estimates that “twenty-five” people have “come through” during the course of her quarter century in business.

It is a point of pride that she can help people acclimate themselves to the business, and achieve their goals.

Contact Rod Lee at [email protected] or 774-232-2999.

Sue VanderZicht of VanderZicht Real Estate at the agency’s new home at 119 N. Main St. in Uxbridge. The motto “Experience, Education and Enthusiasm” remains the foundation of the company’s commitment to serving its clientele.