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TMS Aerial Solutions flying high over the landscape

By Barbara Van Reed

Call it a drone or an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), Matt Staten’s aerial photography system gives his customers a birds-eye perspective of their landscape, business, or event.

“It’s better than Google Earth,” says Matt. “I can get higher resolution and don’t have to wait for the satellite to come around again to get an up-to-date picture.”

Thomas “Matt” Staten’s TMS Aerial Solutions company in Oxford is a start-up, but Matt is not a newcomer to the world of satellite imagery and aerial photography.

His ten-year career in the satellite and photography industry in Colorado ended a year ago when his wife Corina Casey’s employer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, consolidated and she was transferred to Boston. The family, which includes their three-year-old son Llewyn, moved east and settled in Oxford. It wasn’t completely unfamiliar country, as Corina is from Rhode Island and her mother lives in Webster.

tt took the move as an opportunity to start his own business, a “one-stop shop for anyone who needs aerial imagery.” He became an FAA part 103-certified sUAS operator, passing all the license requirements to become a commercially certified drone pilot.

TMS Aerial Photography customers include real estate and insurance companies, surveyors who need 3-D modeling and topographic images - “basically anyone who needs a map.” He’s also photographed weddings and other outdoor events.

Matt says he’s “pretty agnostic as to my customer base, whether large companies or individuals. Tell me what you want, and I’ll figure out how to do it for you.”

One of the first things he did after starting his business was to join the Webster Dudley Oxford Chamber of Commerce, “to do some brainstorming and networking. It seemed like Step 1 as a small business.”

Matt is enthusiastic about a partnership he’s just begun with Photo Documentation Services out of Sutton. PDS offers a comprehensive catalog of one’s home and possessions both inside and out, valuable for insurance claims, estate planning, and moving.

TMS Aerial Solutions’ website is; phone Matt at 970-449-2491. A selection of prints and maps on the website are available for sale.