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Tonia’s Treasures opens for business in Douglas

By Magda Dakin

It’s a brand-new shop in downtown Douglas, but when you enter you’ll be welcomed by a very familiar face: Tonia Gosselin. For more than 30 years, Tonia has been employed just across the street at the Citgo/Xtra Mart, watching the comings and goings of this very store. With the closing of yet another flower shop, leaving the space empty, Tonia and her friends began to dream about what would best serve the community and be fun to operate at the same time.

“Being a high energy person, I like to keep busy all the time,” says Tonia, as her husband Craig nods in agreement. “I still work full time as the manager of the Xtra Mart but when I come over here I get to relax, sort and organize inventory, talk to all the lovely people that come wandering in and look out for items the customers have said they’d like to see.

“It’s been fun getting it all set up and running. My family, my friends and the entire community has been incredibly helpful in getting me started. Every day they come in and donate items, pick out a few things to buy and last week a friend asked me to come over with a truck to pick up items he wanted to donate.”

“I prefer to run Tonia’s Treasures as a great place to come and browse, spend some time, have pastry and donuts on Saturday morning. It’s not a consignment shop, I didn’t want the headache of keeping track of who owes what to whom, etc. This is a fun adventure and so far, it’s turning out incredibly well.”

The shop, which opened on Feb 1, currently has an eclectic mix of treasures ranging from clothes and a small selection of shoes, a children’s room with clothes and toys, designer Coach handbags, unique and unusual dishware, Mickey Mouse gift bags, art work, jewelry, wall art and furniture. 

Tonia’s husband of 30 years, Craig, a retired local plumber, is on hand to be the strong helping hand and support she needs both in the shop and at home. “She’s put a lot of energy into the store and is overwhelmed with the response, especially all those people who’ve known her as the manager at the gas station across the street.”

Tonia says, “It’s been interesting to see the many businesses that have come and gone in this space and I just know this is going to work. I wanted to create a place where people like to come to, browse, chat, have coffee, and just slow down a little while taking in the treasures we have to offer at the same time.”

Tonia’s Treasures is open Thursday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The address is 320 Main St. Douglas; phone 508-476-5966.