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Tips for traveling with children

by Nancy Raymond

If you are traveling with children, here are a few tips to help make everyone’s vacation enjoyable.

1.  Let the kids help in the planning!  Kids love to feel important and after all, it is a family vacation.  Ask them to research the destination you are going.  They may become experts before you even get there. 

If cruising, let them learn about something unique about each port or country you will visit.  Ask them to do a presentation (PowerPoint, journal, scrap book etc.) before you go and then when you get home add your photos and comments for great memories.  Consider letting the children plan out one day or half the day.  Have them choose the excursion you will go on or what restaurant you will eat at.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will send you to the spa. 

2.  Don’t rely solely on electronics to keep your children busy.  Sometimes batteries die or you can’t get your device recharged.  Bring along some new little gadgets for the trip, such as small puzzles, color books, inflatable toys and a new book or two. A deck of playing cards always comes in handy on the dreaded rainy day. The dollar store is a great place to get items that you won’t have to worry about if left behind.

3.  Find a cruise line or resort that caters to children of your ages and interests.   Asking your travel agent about programs before booking is essential.  Not all resorts and cruise lines cater to the same age groups. 

4.  Traveling with a child still in diapers?  Consider shipping ahead to the resort or picking up while in port to save on baggage fees.  Many resorts and cruises will also allow you to order baby supplies in advance. 

5.  Snacks – traveling with children requires snacks.  Pack a few plastic sandwich bags.  These will help save you from spending more on individual packaging or those impulse buys.  The snacks can be divided and used over the course of the trip. 

If you haven’t planned your spring break or summer vacations it’s not too late. 

Happy and safe travels

Nancy Raymond is a travel specialist with Cruise Planners in Marlboro.