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Uxbridge Quaker Meetinghouse to host service of Thanksgiving, November 23

On Thanksgiving morning you can take time before your guests arrive to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday with your family in the traditional non-denominational service sponsored annually by the Uxbridge Quaker Meetinghouse Association.  It will be held this year on November 23 at 9:30 A.M. in meetinghouse, which is located at the corner of Aldrich Street and Quaker Highway in Uxbridge.  A fellowship gathering in the carriage shed will follow the service.

Bring a blanket to warm your legs and bundle up in layers as you join your neighbors in the historic 1770 meetinghouse.  The space is heated primarily by two blazing fires, but the warmth of thanksgiving always prevails in the simple service of music and thoughtful reflection.  Representatives of the area faith community assist with the service; traditional music sets a peaceful tone.

The Uxbridge Quaker Meetinghouse Association is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is the preservation of the historic structure.  In addition, the group encourages the use of the building for religious, historical, educational and civic purposes.  Several open house events, featuring the craft of weaving, the hobby of beekeeping, an architectural presentation and a musical afternoon, were held on the grounds this summer.  Similar programs are planned for 2018. 

The work of the association is funded solely by contributions from members of the community.  For more information, contact Joe Proia at 508-278-2386 or go to UxbridgeQuakerMeeting on facebook.