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Valley Chapel hosts self-defense forum

Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 2:00pm to Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 4:00pm

This June and July, Valley Chapel, 14 Hunter Road, Uxbridge, is hosting a variety of self-defense training with instructor Bob Hallam, who travels the United States to provide world-class training to equip individuals, communities, families, businesses, and places of worship.

Included is training to protect against home invasion, car-jacking, women’s and men’s self-defense as well training to safety teams, and a two-day Krav Maga boot camp.

An NRA Certified Instructor, Bob has extensive certifications in many self-defense disciplines including Personal Protection, Defensive Tactics, Close Quarter Combat, Close Quarter Protection, Edged Weapons Defense, Weapon Disarming, Israeli Krav Maga and Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting.

The schedule includes: June 9 - Home Invasion and Car-Jacking Defense (2-6pm); June 10: Anti – Rape, Anti –Abduction (6:30-8:30pm); June 17 - Women's Self Defense (6:30-8:30pm); June 22 & 23 – Two-day Krav Maga Boot Camp (Saturday 8am to 4pm & Sunday 2-7pm); June 24 - Men's Self Defense (6:30-8:30pm);  June 29 - Level 1 Elite Israeli Combat / Tactical Shooting / (8am to 4pm); July 13 - Level 2 Elite Israeli Combat / Tactical Shooting (8am to 4pm).

Details, costs, and registration at

In addition, training specifically for church safety teams will be offered. To register, contact Valley Chapel at 508-278-2315.