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Webster’s Andrew Jolda has secrets for leaders

By Janet Stoica

When Andrew Jolda’s company seminar leader challenged attendees to write their own book he meant it—literally. Mr. Jolda took him up on the challenge and became one of the few employees to follow through. His new book Twelve Secrets of Successful Leaders is exclusively listed on and made its on-line debut the week of April 16.

Mr. Jolda is perhaps best known and most often seen on local cable TV as the chairman of the Webster Board of Selectmen, but his day job is at Movement Mortgage, where he has been a loan officer for the last two years. Before that he worked for a local Webster bank for 14 years.

“Movement Mortgage is strictly a mortgage lender,” said Mr. Jolda. “Their core mission is to value people by leading a movement of change in our industry, corporate cultures, and communities. Interacting with people and helping them achieve their goal of home ownership is very rewarding.

“When my company’s training leader, Tim Davis, presented a seminar on personal branding, he challenged participants to write their own book. That was about a year ago. With Amazon’s self-publishing tools I was able to put together my book, have a cover design created, and get everything finalized through Amazon’s website. It was quite the experience.”

Always interested in the topic of leadership, Andrew enjoys reading self-help books and appreciates learning about new topics, especially in the areas of marketing and sales, as those are his daily responsibilities. What better topic then to expound upon than leadership?

Andrew’s goal with the book was to raise awareness of leadership skills. The book is an easy read, short and to the point. It focuses on twelve components of leadership, defines each one, and then elaborates on why it is important. The 12 “secrets” include self-knowledge, coaching, communication, focus, networking, influence, goal-setting, accountability, confidence, leverage, delegation, and time management. All are necessary for good leadership style, he says, and his format brings this out in a short and distinctive flair.

The process Andrew used to have his self-published book was instructive. With Amazon’s assistance he was able to have the publication finessed with much of the financing handled by Amazon as it will be the exclusive seller of the book and its e-format. Andrew’s only fee was for a cover design, which was put together by a design challenge company. Bidders were invited to design a cover, and Andrew selected and approved the final product.

Amazon also provides the ISBN number (International Standard Book Number). This is a unique identifier for books, e-books, tapes, and CDs. The ISBN numbering system is used worldwide and publishers around the globe identify their work in this standardized format. Each title or edition must be identified by a unique ISBN.

Check out Andrew Jolda’s Twelve Secrets of Successful Leaders on where it sells for $11.99 plus shipping and handling costs. Kindle editions are available as well for $3.99.

Editor’s note: Mr. Jolda has graciously allowed us to publish one of his secrets in each of the next 12 months.