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Webster’s New England Home Cabinetry works for builders and homeowners

By Janet Stoica

With many years of solid planning, design, and construction experience under their belts, Joe and Sue Bugan of New England Home Cabinetry have proven that their products and services can, indeed, be successful for the local area. They specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling. Best of all, their cabinetry is USA-made and built to last with pricing just as competitive as the big-box stores. Supporting your local businesses right here in the area is an important reason to shop local too.

“We are definitely a Mom and Pop operation,” said Joe Bugan referring to the terminology used to describe local companies who cater to their neighbors. “We do everything for our customers, right here, in-house. We guide them from beginning to end and everything in-between. I’m hands-on with each installation and Susan’s here for the design aspect. We’ll measure the space for cabinetry, flooring, and ideas, and we’ll use our software to help design to your specifications.”  It’s not as daunting as it sounds, said Sue. “For example, you’d like new kitchen or bath cabinets, sink, shower/bath, and hardware, and maybe some new flooring. Joe will visit your home, take the measurements, and will return with an appropriate floor plan and design for your consideration.

“We use local suppliers for plumbing and electrical fixtures,” said Sue, “we try to keep the local economy humming too.  Our business is mostly referrals and we work with all contractors, builders, and homeowners. Cabinetry is our main product but we will be happy to suggest designs for kitchens and baths. We are definitely a one-stop shop for cabinetry, flooring, tile, countertops, and backsplashes.”

The store offers USA-made cabinetry by Brighton, Dura Supreme, Legacy, Wellborne Forest, and Belmont, which may not be household names, but their levels of quality can be readily explained by Joe and Sue. Most of the products they offer have lifetime warranties, unlike some of the big-box stores where products are imported and warranties are usually a maximum of one year.

Countertop materials offered include Corian, soapstone, quartz, granite, laminate, and even a relatively new quartz product that looks like concrete. “The concrete countertops were introduced in California,” said Joe, “and it usually takes a while for the newer products to work their way to the east coast and we can usually get what the customer wants.”

If you are a fan of the home improvement shows on HGTV, then you probably are aware of the cabinet color changes that are currently popular, the warmer whites and warmer grays. “The grays are a pumice-gray stain,” said Sue, “and the cabinet colors are mixed now with one color for the top set of cabinets and another color for the bottom set. 90% of our cabinets are painted where the paint is baked on at the factory which is a more durable process than hand-painting. We’ve also found that staining the bottom cabinets will make them last longer if you have pets that may bump up against them. Additionally, when you are standing up against the lower cabinets you might just rub some paint off and, with stain, it’s much easier to touch up.”

Some of the latest makeovers the Bugans have been involved with include the use of vinyl plank flooring throughout an entire floor. “And everyone wants an island!” said Sue. “We’ve been removing peninsulas and installing islands with various features. Farm sinks are also in style as is taking walls down for that open concept and installing load-bearing beams.”  Other makeovers the couple and their tradesmen partners take part in are bathroom makeovers. They will work closely with everyone involved. “We feel very comfortable working with our community members,” said Sue, “and it won’t cost more as we buy direct from local vendors who have expertise in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical. When we plan out everything for the customer, we run through many different scenarios and try to address all areas of concern.”

The couple was proud to relate a recent kitchen renovation where they worked closely with the builder/contractor and customer.  “The family had a very small kitchen,” said Joe, “so we took out walls, installed a beam, and transformed the entire space into a real showplace. Once we did the kitchen expansion, they asked us to work with them to renovate the entire master bathroom. It was quite a makeover and everyone was very pleased and satisfied. We felt great about the end result!”

“We’ve actually had customers tell us that our pricing is lower than the big-box stores,” said Sue, “and the good thing about it is that our products are American-made with excellent warranties. It makes us feel good that the customer is getting a quality product installed where the manufacturer and the installers stand behind their merchandise. The customer can also phone the manufacturer directly, if they’d like, to get their questions answered.”

Big-box stores have a higher overhead,” said Joe, “and we feel we’re more competitive as we’re priced for our local customers. We’re not in competition with builders and contractors as we do enjoy working closely with them. Honesty is our best policy!” 

New England Home Cabinetry LLC, 76 Lake Street, Webster. Phone: (508) 344-5860.  Email: [email protected]

Janet can be reached at [email protected]