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Whitin Community Center Closing update

Dear Members, Guests, Parents, and Guardians,

Given that the Whitin Community Center suddenly had to close the fitness side of our organization yesterday, we have received some questions about what we are doing regarding crediting accounts, providing refunds, freezing memberships, and childcare payments. Please see below the decisions made by our team to support our community.

All memberships will be placed on temporary hold as of yesterday and will remain for the time we are closed. Your membership will be extended by the duration of the hold when we reopen. For automatic monthly withdrawals, we have suspended the March 15th and will suspend the March 25th and April 5th payments.

Credits for the duration of our closure will be applied to your account for all paid programming beyond membership including swim lessons, men’s basketball, Whitin Waves, rentals, etc. For example, if we are closed for one month, we will credit 4 weeks of cost of the program to your account to be used at a later date. We will issue these credits once we know what the length of the closure will be.

For weekend parties, if the party is scheduled for when we are closed, we will apply your deposit and any additional payments toward the rescheduled date. If you cancel your party, we will retain the deposit and refund any additional payments made.

Even though the Whitin Community Center (WCC) fitness part of our organization was forced to close, our Blackstone Valley Children’s Place (BVCP) childcare programs in Whitinsville and the Rockdale Youth Center remain open. We will remain so until we have directive from the Governor, our licensor the Department of Early Education and Care, or the Northbridge Board of Health.

To provide some relief to our families during this time of heightened concern, the Whitin Community Center will suspend child care payments for the duration of the forced closure of the fitness part if you do not need care for your child(ren). We believe this represents the Commonwealth’s response to control the spread of this illness. If you choose not to send your child to our BVCP programs, you will not be charged, effective yesterday. If you have already paid ahead for care for your child for this week, we will credit your account and it can be applied to care for when your child returns after the closure is lifted.

If you choose to send your child(ren) to our BVCP preschool program, you will continue to make payments as you normally would. If you choose to send your child(ren) to our BVCP school age program in Whitinsville, you will pay $50 per day per child. If you receive financial assistance, you will pay the same rate as your contract with Child Care Resources.

We ask for your patience as we implement these credits, refunds, and holds after we reopen for business as usual. We appreciate your understanding and support of our non-profit organization during these challenging times.

Thank you, 

Heather Elster

Executive Director