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Who will be our next Rhubarb Champion?

Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 9:00am
The Douglas Farmers Market opens on June 30th with its annual RHUBARB CHALLENGE!!! The Rhubarb Challenge is an event that pays homage to this amazing indigenous plant. Rhubarb is found in many gardens but also woven into the memories and traditions of many New England family trees. This event encourages folks to come forth with their favorite Rhubarb recipes. We welcome traditional family recipes passed down for generations and also the most inventive contemporary inventions that feature this fascinating plant. We have seen entries from beautiful pies and crumbles to chutney, sauerkraut, barbecue, beer, and bread. All of it ... for the love of Rhubarb. Whether you grew up eating it or have never heard of it, we welcome you to take on the challenge. This event is one of a kind that will go down in local history.
Entries are judged by community judge panel and we also hold a peoples choice award by offering tastings to market goers. The Rhubarb Challenge invites those who want to share their culinary talents and love for rhubarb by entering their most scrumptious rhubarb masterpieces. Prizes will be awarded in three categories; sweets, savory, and condiments. Any dish that includes rhubarb in the recipe is welcome. Join the challenge or just come to taste the unique creations and check out our wonderful market vendors. Tasting plates and good old rhubarb fun is available to all. Participants must drop of entries at 9am on June 30th. Entries will be judged on presentation, overall smell and taste, and the story behind the recipe. For more details on the challenge visit

The Douglas Farmers Market is a wonderful weekly farmers market held on the grounds of the historic E.N. Jenckes Store in downtown Douglas. The perfect stop on a Summer Saturday morning to cross paths with others from the community and get your local produce and other artisan goods. The market is excited to welcome back the local vegetables, seasonal fruits, fresh eggs, a local artisan cheese maker, our artisan braker, a local coffee roaster, alpaca farmers, local honey, an artisan soap and more.

We are still welcoming new vendors of any kind so if you grow it, make it or bake it, we would love to have you.  The market will be open every Saturday morning from 9-12 through October. Accepting applications for vendors. Reserve your space today.

Join us for opening day June 30th, 2018.