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Feature Articles

BVT Student Transportation Van

The Millbury Federal Credit Union (MCU) is pleased to announce its support of a student transportation van for Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School. 
This van provides much needed transportation of students to and from job sites within the 13-town school district.

Under the leadership of instructor Thomas Lamont, students in the Painting and Design Technologies program, Abbigayle Stratton and He... Read More

Suzanne Purtee named organist and choir director

The Congregational Church of Grafton, UCC is pleased to announce that Suzanne Purtee has been hired as the new Organist and Choir Director. She began on February 10, and was welcomed by all with a celebration after church services.

Suzanne served for ten years as the Music Director of the 1500 member Church of the Nativity (Episcopal) in Huntsville, Alabama. She... Read More

Slice of Heaven: New name, new owner for former Pizza Post

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Randy Bergeron, owner of Oxford’s brand new Slice Of Heaven, smiled easily when asked about his new restaurant, which is located in the former Pizza Post house on Main Street.  “I grew up in the industry. My family owned Riverside Pizza in Thompson, Connecticut. I started doing dishes at the age of fifteen, then worked my way up to grill, kitchen duties, and menu preparations. I became a m... Read More

At 22 years, Booklovers’ Gourmet has much to celebrate

By Rod Lee

It is a Wednesday in late February with a touch of spring in the air. Debra Horan is talking about the milestone she has reached with twenty-two years in business as owner of Booklovers’ Gourmet on East Main St. in Webster.

  A celebration to mark Booklovers’ Gourmet’s latest anniversary and to thank the public for its ongoing support will take place all day Saturday, March 4th with special discounts, giv... Read More

Gayle Suzanne ‘moving forward’ with cable show

Gayle Suzanne’s list of work aspects include writer, life coach, teacher, and motivator; now she’s added another: cable talk show host.

Gayle is maybe best known locally for her book “It’s In The Little things,” published in 2013. The book is a series of 50 short stories on how to cope with life’s frustrations and press through difficult times. She’s now working on a second one, this one dealing specifically with merging s... Read More

Sweet dreams: Insomnia options appear elusive

By Jason Poquette, BPharm, R.Ph

William Shakespeare appears to have understood the discomfort of chronic insomnia when he wrote “O sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee that thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down?” But you don’t need to be a poet to appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep. According to information provided by the National Institute of Health, depending on your definitio... Read More

A shout-out to the volunteers in Millbury

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Volunteering time to help others is not only a common ethical practice; it’s also medically sound.

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, the health benefits for volunteering one’s time are substantial. On a mission to measure its precise benefits, researchers over the past two decades have found that “in addition to the positive feelings known as a helper’s hig... Read More

Ring Leader program tackles ‘six-pack ring’ waste

Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Even when she’s not feeling well, Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director for Blackstone Heritage Corridor, has her mind on a greener earth. After a short bout of dehydration last year, her husband brought home a case of Polar Seltzer, packaged in four tidy six-packs.  His intentions were good.

But when Bonnie inspected the plastic, she saw one thing: an accumulation of waste. “It bugged me,” she admit... Read More

The Grafton Grill adds upscale flavor to the local restaurant scene

By Magda Dakin

Eat. Drink. Gather. That’s the focus of the newest option for dining in the area: The Grafton Grill. Owners Steve and Lori Belfiore believe that Grafton has everything they need to be happy in this town, but it was missing a “Boston-type” restaurant.

Located at 10 Bridge Street, Steve and Lori renovated the vacant restaurant building last year and proudly opened their upscale eatery in November. Lots... Read More

Ray’s: paint, hardware, and a whole lot of friends

By Rod Lee

Durability may be what Ray’s True Value is best known for, and not just because of the store’s standing as one of the town of Millbury’s longest continuously operated businesses (officially 40 years, in 2017), a rock-solid relationship with its main product supplier (True Value) or the hardiness of the hand tools that are part of $400,000 worth of inventory (a standard or metric wrench and a custom circular saw... Read More