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Feature Articles

Searchin’ for St. Pat, finding Posh

by Rod Lee

St. Patrick’s Day in the Blackstone Valley may not mean parades like the ones that take place in Boston and Worcester, a widespread lifting of a pint at the local pub (there aren’t that many such establishments around these parts) or much of the other fanfare that accompanies celebrations of the life of “The Apostle of Ireland”—a fifth-century bishop and missionary around whom great legend is built.

In fa... Read More

Club 21 Blackstone Valley brings friendship, fun and so much more

by Christine Galeone

WHITINSVILLE – “What inspired me to participate in Club 21 Blackstone Valley program was very simple. It is in my DNA,” said Sela Rousseau, a Certified Local Pastor. Sela is one of a group of people whose lives have been enriched by friendships with Alternatives clients. Since February 2014, the Alternatives program has fought social isolation for its clients with developmental disabilities. At the sam... Read More

Robert Cherry, M.D., Joins Harrington Physician Services

CHARLTON, Mass. – March 6, 2015 – Harrington Physician Services will be expanding access to its urology services with the addition of Dr. Robert Cherry, a resident of Charlton, this month. Harrington Physician Services (HPS) is part of Harrington HealthCare System.

Dr. Cherry joins Dr. J. Paul Reheis to offer comprehensive urology services across Southern Worcester County region. Patients will be able to make appointments... Read More

Heart Disease in Animals

By Dr. Kelly Wofenson Guay

Most diseases that affect humans also affect our animal friends.  Heart disease is no different.  There are many similarities, most importantly, if caught early, and proper medication therapy initiated, many patients are able to maintain years of good quality life.  Just like people, keeping fit, and eating healthy foods is important to heart health.  High sodium intake can be risky also... Read More

Booklovers’ Gourmet celebrates 20 years

By Ginger Costen

When you walk through the front door at Booklovers’ Gourmet located at 55 East Main Street in Webster, it’s easy to see why this local business is so much more than a small neighborhood book store like the one in the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks 1998 hit movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” But then, anyone who has known the owner and third-generation Webster resident Debra Horan for more than ten minutes soon realizes tha... Read More

Open for Business

By Janet Stoica

DUDLEY – the newly-opened London Barber Company offers men’s and lady’s styling but also jumps back to the future in men’s grooming by offering Hot Towel Treatments. 

“So what’s a Hot Towel Treatment?” I asked Ronald Hogan, the owner of the shop.  “This treatment is an ‘old school’ technique for shaving that is making a comeback for our male clientele,” said Mr. Hogan.  “The technique involves applyi... Read More

Larry Spotted Crow Mann to talk at Barnes & Noble

Larry Spotted Crow Mann, a member of the Nipmuc Tribe of Webster, will participate in an Authors’ Event at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley in Millbury on Saturday evening, March 28 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Larry will discuss his novel “The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving,” published last year to popular acclaim.

The book is a tale of a Native American man haunted by his childhood and... Read More

The Yankee Xpress

In the case of Yankee, it means New Englander and connotes ingenuity and frugality (we hope).

In the case of our former name, Yankee Shopper, it meant that we showcased advertising from local merchants. And so the Yankee Shopper had been doing this job—relaying  the information about products and services to our communities for 40 years.

Two years ago we expanded Yankee Shopper coverage by mailing it to residents—a... Read More

WDO Chamber Profile: Greenhouse Car Wash

By Becky Harvey

The whipping winds of winter with its biting, frigid temperatures and mounds upon mounds of that fluffy white gunk we New Englanders are proud to claim as our own (but also love to claim we hate) might not have us thinking about getting our cars washed, but if you ask any mechanic, he or she will probably tell you that we should.  With all that snow and ice comes loads of road salt and other “conditioning a... Read More

Peachtree picks you up with breakfast and lunch

By Janet Stoica

WEBSTER—After assessing  the tastes of the local dining crowd, the owner/partners of Peachtree Family Restaurant, located at 29 Main Street in Webster, decided that their current focus would be with their breakfast and lunch customers.  And they have, indeed, found their niche.

Recently, their newly-trained breakfast/lunch cooking staff  learned that their diners’ favorite morning omelette is The... Read More