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Keith Polaina relishes role as executive chef at Samuel Slater’s

By Rod Lee

Keith Polaina may have taken a circuitous route to becoming executive chef at Samuel Slater’s Restaurant at Indian Ranch, but it was something he kind of expected to happen from a young age.

“When I was two years old I asked my mom for a kitchen set,” Mr. Polaina said on February 26th in the dining room of Samuel Slater’s. “My dad wasn’t too fond of that!”

Mr. Polaina is now thirty-eight years old... Read More

A Curious Trial

By Thomas D’Agostino

In typical New England fashion, the story you are about to read seems beyond that of plain fact, but such events are common in the strange and wonderful place we call New England. This account was reported in the Connecticut Courant, August 31, 1813. New England is famous for such incredible news and the most astonishing part is that it actually happened. The court heard the case of Simers vs. Wool... Read More

For Steve Mulcahy modular-home industry is about personal touch

By Rod Lee

What is a prospective homebuyer to do in today’s Massachusetts economy, when the median value of a single-family residence in the state is $426,330—according to Zillow?

Home values, Zillow reports, were up 2.2 percent over the past year. The Zillow website predicts that these will rise again—by 3.9 percent—over the next twelve months.

The median listing price in the Commonwealth stands at $414,900... Read More

DPW Director Sean Divoll named employee of the year

Story & Photo by Connie Reddy Dwyer

At the annual Oxford End-of-Year Celebration dinner for all Town employees on December 27, held at the Pine Ridge Country Club, Town Manager Jen Callahan honored Department of Public Works Director Sean Divoll as Oxford’s “Employee of the Year.”

Mr. Divoll said “I was totally surprised. I had no idea. Jen asked the DPW employees to come to the stage to talk about me and they s... Read More

The eagles have landed in the state

By Sandy Quadros Bowles

The eagle has landed in a big way in Massachusetts.

The bald eagle serves as the national symbol of the United States. The majestic bird also serves as a symbol of the successful reintroduction of vulnerable wildlife into the state’s ecology.

Just recently, a “full week of eagle sightings along the Blackstone River corridor,’’ was reported, said Viola Bramel, park ranger at West Hill D... Read More

Suffragist Lucy Stone will ‘come alive’ in special performance marking 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. Thus, it’s a good time to remember the suffragists who made it come to pass. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton come to mind immediately. But the struggle for women’s rights had gone on for years before 1920 and one of the women who led the way was Lucy Stone.

Lucy Stone will “come alive” in the critica... Read More

Grafton Businesses present ways to combat winter doldrums

by Christine Galeone

Have you been hit by it, this winter? Although cold and flu season is still in full swing, getting a case of the winter doldrums is probably even more common. It’s easy to see why. Many days have been chilly. The holiday season is behind us. And bright blue skies seem like a distant memory.

But there are many cures. Looking ahead and planning for brighter days is one of them. Others include expe... Read More

ʽQuicker not always better,’ legislators tell Chamber breakfast crowd

By Rod Lee

It did not take long during a legislative breakfast hosted by the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce in Millbury on Valentine’s Day for the eight panelists’ response to several questions posed by Moderator Joshua Lee Smith to come through loud and clear.

It was also quite apparent that they shared a similar point of view on most of the issues that were brought up for discussion.

Mr. Smith is new... Read More

All-in-the-family spirit personifies Millbury business scene

By Rod Lee

For Roseanne Morin and the people who work at C&S Lumber including her husband Ronald and her sons Stephen and Anthony, the business—now in its 68th year—is all about family.

The same can be said for many of the companies and organizations that operate in the town of Millbury. Family is a linchpin in virtually every case.

The C&S story is fairly well known—and appreciated by all who hear it... Read More

Uxbridge and the Underground Railroad

by Christine Galeone

Nancy Adams was a wife, a mother and a courageous, strong abolitionist. Although she had the grave misfortune of being born in Maryland in the 1700s, the African American woman was fortunate to be able to escape slavery via the Underground Railroad. The secret, intricate network that abolitionists established to rescue slaves and bring them to either Free states or Canada helped Adams to finally find t... Read More