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Zika Myths go Viral

It was Mark Twain who quipped that “a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”  Maybe lie is a bit too strong a word for some of the uncertain information about Zika virus that is spreading online. Claims that the virus is being transmitted by, or linked to, genetically modified mosquitoes released in Brazil in 2012 have been widely publicized. But other organizations commi... Read More

Chili Challenge 2016 Postponed

“Unfortunately the WDBA board has decided to postpone the Chili Event scheduled for this Sunday due to lack of confirmation from participants. We will reschedule at a later date.”

The WDBA and Isador’s Organics of Oxford had been scheduled to host the 5th Annual Chili Challenge on Sunday, March 6 at the park Ave Elementary School in Webster. The proceeds were to benefit the Hand Fruit Program which delivers fresh, organic... Read More

The Nevermind Shop: Pop that rocks

By Rod Lee

Step into The Nevermind Shop on Milford St. in Upton most any Thursday and you are likely to encounter Owner Mick Lawless and immediately think “he looks like a Beatle or a member of The Byrds, Herman’s Hermits or The Dave Clark Five.”

This is no coincidence. The mop-haired image that came to be associated with those rock groups and others, including The Monkees—who were and still are a personal favorite... Read More

Goretti’s: The little market that could

By Rod Lee

Long before The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley came along as a bustling center of commerce that in part defines life in the town of Millbury there were the powerhouse factories that stamped the community as a mill village. Those and such recognizable landmarks as The Torrey House, The Asa Waters Mansion, the familiar brick-and-mortar lending institutions (MCU, Millbury Savings Bank and Millbury National Bank), the... Read More

Grafton copes with discouraging LPG storage ruling

By Christine Galeone

In 2015, the Town of Grafton faced major challenges. But despite controversies, the town’s personnel and elected officials have been busy, striving to face the challenges alongside the citizens. One of those elected officials is Craig Dauphinais, the chair of Grafton’s Board of Selectmen. He graciously agreed to give his insights into a few important issues Grafton faced last year. He also discussed a... Read More

Jumpstart your new business with Krosslinks

By Janet Stoica

Starting your own small business can be exhilarating but it can also be lonely and frustrating. 

That’s where Krosslinks comes in.

If you’re thinking about starting a new business or need advice to guide you through the new business permit process then it’s time for you to meet with other entrepreneurs and business advisors at Krosslinks. Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at... Read More

Charlton ready for challenges in the New Year

By Janet Stoica

Charlton – The biggest accomplishment for the Town of Charlton this past year has been its success in dealing with a very dangerous stretch of Route 20 on the Oxford/Charlton line.  “Before the terrible accident that had recently happened on that section of Route 20, the state had advised us that our request for safety improvements was going to be dropped from their modification list,” said Rick Swensen, Ch... Read More

Support group for families of addicts and alcoholics outgrows the living room

Pam is the mother of a drug-addicted child. To help her cope with the challenges of living with an addict, she would go to Worcester-based support groups, as there were none in the southern Worcester County area.

“So many families are struggling with addiction,” says Pam. “It has just exploded in our community and a lot of families need help to deal with loved ones with this horrible disease.”

The need for a local s... Read More

Annual WCCD seedling sale underway

By Magda Dakin

When thoughts turn to spring, it inevitably means, “When can I start thinking about planting?”  Whether your yard is big or small, or you’re planting in pots on the patio, a great place to begin is at the Annual Seedling Sale. The fundraiser benefits the Worcester County Conservation District (WCCD), a mostly volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the quality of local water, soil and natural resource... Read More

Mendon headlines: school budget, D.C. Bates move, Pearson Farm sale

By Magda Dakin

A bustle of activity at the Mendon Town Hall reflects the enthusiasm of residents doing what’s best for their community and the future of their town. 

Town Administrator Kimberly Newman praised the involvement of committee members and volunteers alike in doing the work required to pass the biggest budget item that came before the town this year: the override that funded the regional school district bu... Read More